God Save The Queen City


Y’all, Charlotte is going to be nuts this weekend, srsly.

The ever so cool guys at Ink Floyd are throwing a a couple of parties this weekend, 4 of them to be exact and they were nice enough to let me partake in the fun.

Here’s what you can expect from me this weekend at GSTQC…

Friday – 8/28- Chop Shop

Junior Astronomers, Water Liars, Diarrhea Planet, Ancient Cities

Sponsored by Jagermeister, expect lots of giveaways and…

First 50 homies in the door get one of these foam hands…for real


Saturday – 8/30 – Fillmore

Benji Hughes, Alternative Champs, Futurebirds, Dean Ween Group

Expect Tito’s Handmade Vodka specials and super special art piece by the insanely talented Matt Moore!!

This is going to be a super great amazing weekend, hope to see you guys out at one of the shows.

Reyka Takeover


Y’all, I always love it when our brand ambassadors come visit, but I am really, really excited about this one! Trevor Schneider, the primo BA for Reyka Vodka is coming to town so we’re giving him the ultimate VIP treatment and throwing him behind the bar at Heist Brewery!

Here’s the deal, Thursday 8/20 8pm

Spend a couple hours with Trevor and have a few fancy cocktails.

P.S. This is kind of important…Bring some pencils, paper and maybe some markers, we’ll be donating them to a local elementary school!


A Peculiar Recap


Guys, if you missed our Hendrick’s Gin Cocktail Academies last week, I feel for ya, We had such a fantastic time learnin’ and boozin!

Charlotte and Asheville were so good to us and we had such a great turnout, Three CHEERS to Dandelion Market and Top of the Monk for hosting us!

Click HERE to see some video love from Sarah Crosland and Charlotte Five!

Below is a photo or a few of our Asheville sessions by the magnificent Kipper Schauer!


Thanks again to all of our media friends, industry folks and imbibers for coming out to support our unusual gin! We love y’all!

Cheers to the Queen City Cocktail Tour


I love how Charlotte and it’s people are getting excited about food, beer and booze. I mean, who doesn’t loved an expertly crafted cocktail?

A friend of mine at Liberate Your Palate has created a unique experience for just those people, Cheers to the Queen is cocktail tour that allows consumers to visit different bars and try cocktails featured specifically for this program.

Here’s the breakdown. Go to Liberate Your Palate to buy your passbook. Take your book to places like Heist Brewery, Dogwood Southern Table or one of the other 13 participating venues and receive a tasty libation and a stamp for your passbook. Simple as that.

Cheers to the Queen runs until September 15th, I’ve already got mine, join me and we can tour the town together!

National Scotch Day

Glasses of whiskey

I know what you’re thinking, you just celebrated National Tequila Day and you’re a little pickled from imbibing a bit too much, well, Dr. Boozin QC is here and I feel that the only remedy for your ailments is to partake in a dram of ultra amazing scotch with me!

In honor of this most appropriate holiday, I have picked my 3 favorite Scotch Whiskies to share with you, read on below to see why they’re my favorite.

Monkey Shoulder

New to the party, Monkey Shoulder is a triple malt – a blend of 3 Speyside Single Malt Whiskies and it’s really approachable, It’s sweeter with a bit of heat on the finish, lots of vanilla and zero peat. Perfect for those ready to venture into Scotch for the first time.


The Balvenie 14 Caribbean Cask

Finished in second fill rum barrels, The Balvenie 14 has a wonderful vanilla and toffee flavor that you would expect from the rum. The finish is smooth and light, for me this is a whisky meant to be enjoyed after dinner and with a dessert.


Glenfiddich 15 year

The oldest of the Single Malts mentioned here, you’ll find a slightly sweet and rich flavor. Matured in three different types of oak and then married together in a Solera Vat, this whisky delivers notes of pear, dried fruit and a hint of spice. I’m a fan!


National Tequila Day


Guys, did you know that tomorrow (7/24) is National Tequila Day?

Since it’s technically a National Holiday, I’m sure your boss won’t mind you imbibing a bit during your lunch break, right?

If you’re looking for a place to enjoy all of that agave goodness, look no further than Cabo Fish Taco. The good folks over in Noda will have $7 Espolon Tequila shots and $8 Espolon Three Amigos Margaritas! You should stop by and celebrate, tell them I sent you!!


Hendrick’s Gin Cocktail Academy


Y’all, cocktail academy is back!!! For those able to join us last year, you know that this was an incredible treat. This year we are providing the same great instruction with a new Hendrick’s Gin Brand Ambassador, Fred Parent (who happens to be a native Carolinian).

Check us out in Charlotte on August 4th at Dandelion Market @ 6/8pm and in Asheville on August 5th at Top of the Monk @ 3/5pm.

If you’re interested in the classes, be sure RSVP to boozinqc@gmail.com with your name and times, spaces will fill up fast!!

Click on the fliers below for all the deets.

Hendricks Invite Collage