Triple Jerry @ Pisces Sushi Bar & Lounge

Sorry, I haven’t posted anything recently guys, I’ve been getting my learn on down in New Orleans for Tales of the Cocktail.  I figured a new cocktail spotlight would be a perfect post back.

The uber talented Bob Peters has given Sailor Jerry a spicy twist in his newest concoction.  Recipe is below, though you’d have to go to Pisces to try the real thing.

Triple Jerry

Sailor Jerry Rum

Triple pepper simple syrup (red chilli, Szechuan pepper corn, guajillo peppers)

Fresh lime


Want to see Bob make it? Check out his video here.


The Presidential Sweet

July 4th is perfect for cookouts, fireworks and cocktails.  Andy from Soul has created a fantastic summer cocktail to celebrate Independence Day.  


Here’s the recipe:

Layered like the American Flag

Campari and Cranberry

Blue curacao, lemon cordial (lemon juice, agave, orange blossom water)

Hangar One Vodka

If making this cocktail isn’t for you, head over to Soul Gastrolounge in Plaza midwood and have the guys make one for you.  

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