Ahhh Jagermeister is taking over the QC!!


So I’ve already posted about the awesomeness that is Bob Peter’s Mixology lab on Saturday but I haven’t told you guys about this super cool dinner at Davidson Street Public House on the 18th.

Here’s the sitch, you can swing through DSPH and try any one of their featured dishes…all made with Jagermeister or Jagermeister spice. No really. How about a Jagermeister spice cake with pears and blood orange meringue? I was lucky enough to sample the cake this week, if you come in on the 18th, come just for the cake, seriously. ┬áChef Clayton has outdone himself with a super creative menu that you’re guaranteed to love. See the photo below for proof of all the goodness!!!

As if stuffing your face wasn’t enough, bartender Frances has created some really great Jagermeister cocktails to choose from.

I really hope to see you guys out at DSPH on November 18th, its seriously gonna be fantastic.

FullSizeRender (1)

Jagermeister Mixology Lab with Bob Peters


I know there’s a handful of you that will read that headline and say “Hell No, Jager almost killed me in college, I’ll never drink it again”. I said the same things, and here I am tell you to come hang out with Bob Peters- Mixology Extraordinaire on Saturday 11/14.

Did you know that Jagermeister has 56 herbs and spices? Did you also know that Jagermeister Spice exists–with the same 56 herbs and spices just a little more of this and that to create a smoother taste?

Nope, bet you didn’t. Good news is Bob is here to tell you all of that and more, he’ll be discussing the flavor profiles of the products and deconstructing some of the ingredients. Attendees will also learn how to make really delicious Jagermeister cocktails that don’t include Redbull.

Here are the deets:

Earl’s Grocery

11/14 2:30pm (get there a bit early, seats fill up really quickly)

See y’all there!!

Head, Hands & Feet Fundraiser


Guys, Tilt is throwing a party and it’s for a good cause.

Saturday 10/24 8-11pm

$4 Titos

$4 Bird Dog Whiskey

Complimentary Nibbles

All we ask is that you bring, gloves, warm hats and socks to Tilt–we’ll be donating all of your warm things to the local homeless shelters in hopes of keeping our less fortunate friends warm this chilly season.

I really hope to see you guys out there!!

Arts Beats & Lyrics


Guys, I’m not in town this weekend but if you are, you should take your art lovin’ ass over to Fillmore for Arts, Beats & Lyrics sponsored by Jack Daniels.

I don’t often post about events that I’m not a part of, but this one sounds so cool that I think y’all should go in my place.

Friday 10/16 at Fillmore 7pm

Don’t forget to RSVP!


Pins & Pinups 2015


Guys, I’ve been MIA lately and I apologize a bit for that but for good reason…I’ve been drinking. Oops.

Anyway, Charlotte has been really stinkin’ busy with all kinds of events and on┬áMonday, the Queen City hosted Pins & Pinups with Playboy and Sailor Jerry.

12 teams competed to win a trip to Pensacola for a chance to whip up on other cities for the title of Best Bar Bowling Team in the U.S. (I don’t really know if that’s the actual title, but you get the idea).

Congrats to Tilt On Trade for winning 2nd year in a row!!! That beast of a team bowled a whopping 573 all while pounding their share of Sailor Jerry pickleback shots!!

Thanks to Playboy and Sailor Jerry for showing the QC some love, check out the pictures of the shenanigans HERE!!

End of Summer Southern Social


It’s no secret that I love music and booze and combining the two is my absolute favorite thing ever! So we’ve teamed up with the guys at the NC Music Factory to bring a fantastic show to the Carolinas.

With other sponsors like Pabst Blue Ribbon , Ink Floyd and Price’s Chicken Coop, Tito’s Handmade Vodka and Sailor Jerry are ecstatic to be a part of this amazing group of music lovers to bring you St. Paul & The Broken Bones on September 11, 2015.

Guys, not only is St. Paul gonna rock the fountain stage but we’ve got great southern cocktails like Tito’s Lemonade and Cheerwine spiked with Sailor Jerry!

The best part, tickets are only $10. Yep, 10 bones (pun intended) will get you in to see a fantastic show! Click HERE for tickets.

We’d love to see you guys out there, be sure to buy your tix early because this show will absolutely sell out!!!