Funk Fest Charlotte 2014

On September 12th and 13th, Funk Fest invaded Charlotte, with performers such as Outkast, LL Cool J, B.O.B, and Ice Cube.  New Amsterdam was lucky enough to be a major sponsor and we had a great time even with all the rain.  We took lots of pics and wanted to share them with everyone.  The link is below, take a look, then post your photo on Instagram or Twitter.  Be sure to use the tag #newamsterdamCLT so everyone can join in on the fun!!






National Bourbon Heritage Month

I’m a little late on this post but I figured it’s better late than never.  That being said, did you know that it’s National Bourbon Heritage Month here in the U.S.? No? Well let me tell you about it.  In 2007 Congress, yes, those guys in Washington declared September to be the month we celebrate bourbon.  It’s also my birth month, personally I think that those two reasons alone make September the greatest month of the year.  I’ve decided to celebrate by featuring a few bourbons that I think y’all might like.

1. Wild Turkey: You’ll almost always find 101 on most back bars in the south.  Made in Kentucky, Wild Turkey recently celebrated the 60th anniversary of Master Distiller, Jimmy Russell.  In honor of this great accomplishment, Wild Turkey released Diamond, a special blend of 13-16 year old barrels. Its a rare blend with limited availability and can be pricey, but it’s definitely worth the cash if you can find a bottle.


2. Lexington Bourbon Whiskey: Another Kentucky bourbon inspired by it’s home state’s love for horse racing, this 86 proof spirit boasts deep aromas of aged oak with a hint of vanilla.  My opinion; its a good sippin’ bourbon.  It’s smooth  and the hints of vanilla are prominent, great for someone who hasn’t yet gotten their whiskey legs.  You can find Lexington at Heist Brewery in NoDa and if you go on Whiskey Wednesday you can have a glass for $5.


3.  Hudson Baby Bourbon Whiskey: One of the few bourbons made outside of Kentucky, Hudson hails from New York, the first family of whiskies distilled there since Prohibition.  I am a huge fan of Hudson, it’s rich and sweet and really sets a standard for craft whiskeys.  Bonus, the bottle is cute as hell, not that the packaging trumps the quality of spirit, because it doesn’t.



There you have it, there’s still 2 weeks left in September, plenty of time to celebrate and sample all three.  Cheers.


Happy Hour Vitamins

I know most of you humans wonder how I’m able to drink like a college student and still function like an adult on a daily basis, the answer is simple, I am superwoman but I also rely heavily on Happy Hour Vitamins.  I take them on days when I know I’ll be drinking heavily and almost always wake up without a hangover.  Ask any of my friends, they’ll tell you the same.  Below is a little bit of information on the product. Check it out and then buy your Happy Hour Vitamins Here.


What are Happy Hour Vitamins

  • Daily multivitamin specially formulated to help people who enjoy drinking avoid hangovers, live & feel better

  • Can be taken daily for health, is effective after just one dose.

  • Easy as taking a serving before, while or after drinking to help you feel better the next day.

  • On days of epic drinking, we recommend a second dose before you go to sleep.

Why Happy Hour Vitamins Work

  • Milk thistle has been recognized as a liver
    tonic for centuries. Studies looking at Milk
    Thistle have found significant improvements
    in liver function.

  • B Vitamin deficiencies can be linked to
    alcohol consumption.

  • B Vitamins aid in energy and metabolism

  • Some of the worst effects of the alcohol
    withdrawal syndrome can be avoided
    with the help of the vitamin “thiamine.”

  • N-acteylcysteine can aid the body with some
    of the toxic by-products from the metabolism
    of ethanol.

  • Antioxidants can help the brain deal with
    the effects of alcohol.


photo 1 (6)

A love story: North Carolina and The Balvenie

Hey guys, we’re back from a few days off and I wanted to take a second and share a couple of photos from our adventures with Jonathan Wingo from The Balvenie last week.  Charlotte, Asheville and Chapel Hill each got their own special dose of whisky learnin’ and we loved it.

First, we had an amazing scotch dinner at Cowbell in Charlotte, where the food and the Scotch were perfectly paired together to create a pretty great experience for everyone in attendance…including retired Carolina Panther Jordan Gross.  From Charlotte we hiked up the mountain to Asheville where we spent a night with Jeff from Altamont Brewing.  Our night was filled with lots of nerdy beer and whisky chats and it was pretty fantastic.  We ended our tour of NC at The Crunkleton in Chapel Hill where the staff showed us an amazing time.  I’ll be honest, I’ve never seen such an engaged crowd at a tasting, those guys sure do love their whisky.

Bonus: I got to sample a 50 year old Balvenie and yes, it is as good as you think it is.


Pictures are below, if you’re so inclined…take a look.



Bakersfield: Tacos, Tequila, Whiskey

If you’ve been in Dilworth lately, you’ve noticed a lot of construction happening on the corner of Kenilworth and East, good news..the trucks have left and a new bar has opened!!! Bakersfield has officially opened it’s doors this week and the place is remarkable.  In addition to a full menu, the bar is stocked with all the tequila and whiskey your little hearts desire.  On Thursdays, you’ll find Espolon Tequila on special for $3.  How awesome is that?

For those worried about parking, Bakersfield has you covered.  Complimentary valet can be found everynight in the Berrybrook parking lot!!!

Go see the guys at Bakersfield, have a taco and a margarita…tell them BoozinQC sent you.